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What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?:

If you are a Paytm user and want to know more about Paytm. Today we are going to discuss “What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?” Paytm is the short form of Payment (Mobile) which is an Indian company. Paytm provides online payment service such as recharge, online shopping, sending money, ticket booking, gas bill, insurance payment etc. We can sit at home with the help of Paytm.

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?:

Paytm was founded in the year 2010, the founder of Paytm is “Vijay Shekhar Sharma“. Initially, the purpose of making Paytm was to recharge the mobile but today the Paytm Payment Bank has become so popular. The head branch of Paytm is in Noida. Paytm can be used by mobile app and website. People’s popularity of Paytm grew during the Demonetisation(500 and 1000 Rupees Notes were Banned), today it is common for all phones to have Paytm.

How To Earn From Paytm:

You can earn money from Paytm in three different ways:-

  • By Recharge and Cashback

Paytm has become an e-commerce website from where you can buy goods online. Although there is another shopping website on the market, you can earn some money by shopping on Paytm. Paytm always offers cashback on purchasing goods for its customers, this offers up to 20-50% for different accessories. Apart from this, mobile recharge, bill payment, ticket booking, etc. will get great cashback from Paytm.

  • Make money by becoming a Paytm seller

If you are a shopkeeper or have a business then earn money by becoming a Paytm Seller Partner. You will have to join the Paytm Seller Program then you can sell your product online at Paytm. You can sell any kind of products like electronic goods, clothes, footwear, furniture etc.

  • Earn money with Paytm Affiliate Marketing

You can earn good money by joining the Paytm Affiliate Program. For this you have to create an account in the Paytm Affiliate Program, from there you will find links and banners of Affiliate Product. Now, to promote these Affiliate Products, when a visitor purchases stuff by clicking on this Affiliate Link, you will get some commission from that product.

For more information about Affiliate Marketing, read this post – What is Affiliate Marketing and How to earn money from affiliate marketing?

How to deposit money in Paytm?

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?
What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?

The easy way to deposit money in Paytm some steps given below.

Step 1: First, open the Paytm App, if your mobile does not have a Paytm App, then download it from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: Open the application and login with your mobile number.

Step 3: After opening the Paytm account, click on the “Passbook” option.

Step 4: Here you will find the option of Add Money to Paytm Wallet.

Step 5: Now enter an amount you need in your Paytm Wallet and then click on Add Money Button.

Step 6: Then, select your Debit / Credit Card.

Step 7: You will now open a new window in which the information of the Debit / Credit Card is filled. E.g., Debit / Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV Number.

Step 8: After filling all information correctly click on the Pay Now button.

Step 9: Now you will get one OTP from Bank insert that OTP and click on Submit.

Step 10: Finally, now your Paytm Wallet has accumulated money.


How to pay with paytm?

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?
What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?

Payment from Paytm is very easy and therefore everyone uses Paytm Wallet today.

Step 1: First login your Paytm account.

Step 2: After the account login, you have to click on the Pay option.

Step 3: Here you have to enter the mobile number of the person you want to pay or scan the QR Code.

Step 4: After the name is confirmed, enter Amount and click the Pay button.

Step 5: You will now have a message of Transaction Successfully Done. You have already been paid.

How to send money from Paytm Wallet to a bank account?

What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?
What is Paytm and How to Earn From Paytm?

With our Paytm Wallet we can send money to any bank account in India but Paytm takes 4% commission for this facility.

Step 1: First, log in to your Paytm Account.

Step 2: Now click on Passbook.

Step 3: Then click Send Money to Bank Option.

Step 4: You have to fill the Bank Account Details.., such as – Account Number, Account Holder’s Name, IFSC Code, Amount.

Step 5: After this, click on the Send button and you will transfer money to the bank(Note 4% commission will be charged).

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